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Below is an Annexure, which summarizes highlights of some major achievements of the Church between 1995 and 2009.

Highlights 1995-1999

• Shift from the classical mode of worship to the contemporary mode incorporating more modern music and themes.
• Establishment of All Saints' College.
• The perimeter fencing of the Church by a member. .
• Donation of a book stalls by a member in honor of his late wife.     
• The publication of Supplementary Hymns and Choruses. a song-book of All Saints' Church.

Highlights 1999-2009
• The establishment of the 'Teenage Ministry' and the construction of the Teenage Ministry Centre commissioned by Ven. Daramola.
• Addition of a School Library to All Saints' Church School.
• Outreach work leading to the adoption of St. Stephens' Anglican Church at Gbekuba.
• Acquisition of land for the Memorial Parks and Garden (MPG).
• Pavement work around the Church (donated by a member).
• Tarring of the Church premises from gate to gate.
• Creation of a large car park within the Church Hall/House Complex.
• Construction of a new office block.
• Revision of the All Saints' Church Supplementary Hymns & Choruses.
• Purchase of an official car for the Vicar.
• Purchase of another official car, this time donated by a member of the Church.
• Movement of All Saints' College to its permanent site.
• Computerization of Church administration
• Introduction of:
(i) Endowment Fund for the Needy
(ii) Vigils
(iii) Love Feast
(iv) Mid-Week Anointing Service.



The Youth Fellowship
Even a casual visitor to All Saints' will be aware of some of the milestones. Of particular note is the growth of the Youth Fellowship. In earlier years, the Church had been a victim of the drift of its young members to the so-called "Covenant" "Evangelical" or "Pentecostal" churches. In the last ten years, the trend has been reversed. The youths have been integrated into all aspects of church life even at the highest level -- the Church Council. Coming after All Saints' Church Choir, the Youth Fellowship has been a major force in music and foremost in drama in the Church. It holds meetings every Saturday and presents regular drama sketches and musical shows to boost Sunday services,  Members of the Youth Fellowship are also deeply involved in several spiritual activities. They are a source of inspiration to the Church and they have gained stature, honor and respect.

The Teenage Ministry
One of the most phenomenal and inspiring creations of All Saints' Church is the Teenage Ministry. These young boys and girls are offered a rich spiritual platform to release energy, heat and tension in worship and evangelism. Anyone close to their organizers and to the children will be full of praise and gratitude to the founders. They run their own church services under the guidance of mature leaders. The Teenage Ministry Centre was commissioned in 2008 by Venerable Daramola.

Outreach: St. Stephen's Church, Gbekuba.
This Church was adopted by All Saints' Church as a spiritual and evangelical outreach and has continued to wax stronger by the day. Groups in All Saints' Church make visitations and donations regularly to hospitals, prisons and charity homes, while the Church supports many welfare schemes.

Memorial Parks & Gardens
Land was acquired for the construction of All Saints' Memorial Parks and Gardens, the foremost memorial ground in Ibadan. Plans are underway to plant exotic trees and flowers to make it a scene of great aesthetic value to the eye and enrichment for the soul.

All the approaches to the Church and Church House including the Church Hall have either been tarred or paved with concrete edges, with grass and flowers. A philanthropic church member paved the forecourt of the church with interlocking stones, while a large car park has been created adjacent to the Church House.

Church Office
A new Church Office has been constructed and tastefully furnished. Its assets include state-of-the-art computers and other communication and secretarial facilities.

Office Cars
In 2004 an official car was purchased for the Minister-in-charge. This car has since been replaced with a more luxurious one by a church member. When retiring, the immediate past Vicar, Ven. Daramola, was presented with a brand new Toyota car, through special donations.



  • Ighodalo Youth Center
  • Jacob and Grace Chapel
  • Renovation of the church Hall
  • Renovation of the Teenage Ministry by a donor
  • Purchase of official Car for the Office if Minister
  • Renovation of the Church House



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