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All Saints' Church, Jericho is registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act. All the material properties of the Church are held in trust by the trustees of the Church. Initially there were three trustees but in order to reduce the problems involved if frequent changes of the names of trustees with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, it was decided in 2007 that the number should be increased to five so that at any given time, there are sufficient trustees to function. The policy-making functions of the Church under trusteeship devolve on the Church Council, subject to the supervision of the General Meeting of the entire membership of the Church. Spiritual leadership of the congregation is vested in the clergy (The Minister. the Assistant Minister, Readers and Helpers) who conduct services and attend to the spiritual needs of individuals and groups.

The General Meeting at its June gathering elects the Church Council for one year. During the year. The Church Council meets once a month. Except for extra-ordinary meetings. At the end of the Council year, the Council gives comprehensive reports to the General Meeting through its Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Day-to-day governance of the Church is under the Minister of the Church but recently, an Administrative and Accounts Officer has been employed to assist the Minister and the Council in the regular day-to-day running of the Church.

The employment, deployment, remuneration and discipline of Church employees are under the Administrative Committee, which is a committee of the Church Council. Statutorily, the Chairman of this committee is the Vice Chairman of the Church Council while its Secretary is the Assistant Secretary of the Council. Other members of this Committee are volunteers from the Church who put their administrative knowledge and skills at the disposal of the Church.

All trustees are respectable and tested men and women of integrity and ability from within the congregation. After appointment, they have only been replaced on their demise; but recently there have been attempts to impose finite terms on their appointment. These have not yet been articulated. So far the Church has had the following persons as its trustees:
Chief T.O. Ejiwunmi (Deceased)
Engr. N.O. Oyelola (1986 to date)
Mrs Omotayo Morgan (1986 to date)
Engr. E. A Ojo (Deceased) (1990 to 2004)
Mr A. A Babalola (Deceased) (2005 to 2008)
Mr B. T. Akinwale (Deceased) (2008 to date)
Mrs Phyllis Adeniyi-Jones (2008 to date)
Lady F.O. Akinsipe (June 2009 to date)
Chief O.I. Akinkugbe (June 2009 to date)
Prof. B.O. Onadeko (June 2009 to date)

The following have been Ministers of the Church since its inception:
Rev. H. W. Mance (1961-1967)
Rev. Simonson (1967-1972)
Rev. H. W. Mance (1972-1978)
Rev. S. O. Adesina (1978-1983)
Rev. Canon Lapese Ladipo (1983-1993)
Rev. E. A. Fagbemi (1993-1995)
Ven. G. B. Daramola (1995-March 2009)
Very Rev. O. O. Mewoyeka (March 2009 to 2014)
Very Rev. Adesola Kuyebi (December 2015 to date)


The following have been Chairpersons of the Church Council (initially called the Church Committee): Rev. H. W. Mance (Deceased) (1959 - 1972 with intermittent stand-ins particularly when the incumbent went home on leave. These included, at various times, Rev. Simonson, Rev. Bill Sykes, Rev. Barrdelogh).
Rev. Canon Adesina (1973-1983)
Chief T. O. Ejiwunmi (Deceased) (1983-1985)
Engr N. O. Oyelola (1985-1987)
Engr E. A. Ojo (Deceased) (1987-1988)
Mr O. A. Akinkugbe (1988-1989)
Chief L. A. D. Oyewo (Deceased) (1989-1992)
Mr O. O. Ajayi (deceased) (1992-1995)
Prof B. O. Onadeko (1995-1996)
Mr A. A. Babalola (Deceased) (1996-2001)
Mrs Phyllis Adeniyi-Jones (2001-2002)
Chief Olufemi Adewumi (2002-2004)
Dr. N. J. Usoroh (2004-2008)
Prof E. A. Lufadeju (2008-)
Col. Walter Jibuola Rtd ( )

Mr Tokunbo Ajasin ( )

Chief E. A Adebunmi Jp ( )

The following have been Secretaries of the Church Committee! Council:
Mr. J. E. M. Horne (1959-1962)
Mr. G. W. Lennox (1962-1963)
Mr. J. P. Hayman (1963-1964)
Mr J. O. Afolabi (1964-1965)
Mr R. P. Taylor (1965-1968)
Mr Akinoso (1968-1969)
Chief E. Ade Emuleomo (1969-1972)
Mr E.H.O. O'Connor (1972-1974)
Mr M. A. Adesiyun (1974-1978)
Mrs F. E. Caulker (1978-1979)
Mr. O. O. Diyaolu (1979-1983)
Prof. A.B.O.O. Oyediran (1983-1987)
Chief Kunle Adeleke (1987-1988)
Prof. E. B. Lucas (1988-1990)
Mrs Ronke Olagoke (1990-1994)
Mr Segun Ajibade (1994-1995)
Dr E. A. Akinsola (1995-2001)
Dr N. J. Usoroh (2001-2002)
Mr O. A. Akinpelu (2002-2005)
Mr Charles Adaramoye (2005-2007)
Mrs Taiwo Owoeye (2007-2009)
Mr Taiwo Daramola (June 2009 to )

Mr Adewale Oluwole( )

The following have been Treasurers of the Church Committee! Council:
Mr E. W. Caudwell (1959-1960)
Miss D. M. Cogins (1960-1964)
Mr F. O. Fisher (1964-1969)
Mr C. S. Ola (1961-1970)
Mr T. F. Dairo (1970-1972)
Mr J. A. Ighodalo (1972-1976)
Mr E. H. O. O'Connor (1976-1981)
Mr B. A. Oluwole (1981-1988)
Mr Kuponiyi (1988-1989)
Mrs Lukambi (1989-1990)
Mr Funso Ojo (1990-1991)
Mrs Bisola Balogun (1991-1995)
Mrs F. F. Ilofuan (1995-2002)
Mrs S. F. M. Okege (2002-2003)
Mrs T. A. Talabi (2003-2005)
Mrs O. S. Ajomale (2005-2008)
Mr Tokunbo Ajasin (2008 - )
Mr J.A Adeyemi ( )

Mr Yinka Babatunde ( )

The followings have been Wardens:
Mr Popoola (1962-1963)
Mr A. O. Lokulo-Sodipe (1963-1964)
Mr B. A. Okafor (1964-1967)
Mr G A. Ademiluyi (1967-1971)
Mr K. A. Onaade (1971-972)
Mr G A. Ademiluyi (1972-1974)
Mr E. A. Emuleomo (1974-1976)
Mr N. O. Oyelola (1976-1978)
Mr M. A. Adesiyun (1978-1984)
Chief S. B. Alade (1984-1989)
Mr  Modupe Oduyoye (1989-1990)
Mr M. O. Ajayi (1990-1991)
Mr E. K. Olajide (1991-992)
Mr Femi Adesanya (1992-1995)
Mr Bayo Olagoke (1995-1998)
Prof. Ayo Adekunle (1998-2000)
Dr. Olu Akinkoye (2000-2003)
Prof. F. A. Adesanoye (2003-2006)
Mr Segun Ajibade (2006-2009)
Mrs Abiodun Babatunde (2009-)

Mrs Motolani Akinkaye

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