The library of All Saints' Church grew out of the Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer Meetings. In order to broaden the information being offered to participants through resource persons (Bible study leaders including guest lecturers, the Minister and the Assistant Minister), a member began to bring books from his personal collection to the meetings for interested members to borrow and take home "for further studies". This continued for about two years.

Then came the suggestion: "Why don't we try to have a library for the Church?" The suggestion led to a proposal to the Church Council. The proposal was favorably considered and arrangements were made to make available for this purpose the room on the ground floor of the tower at the eastern entrance to the Church. Funds were provided to install shelves and buy books. Members of the Church began to donate books and the library opened in 1997. It did not take a long time for the library to become an attractive place for the children after Sunday School. Love of books is a thing that develops most pleasantly from childhood and we hope parents will encourage their children to develop the habit of reading in their formative years. All Saints' Church library does not have only children in mind; our collection is strong in the areas of Old Testament, Ecumenism and Nigeriana. More than once, researchers from the Department of Religious Studies of the University of Ibadan have been directed to consult our library.

What business has a church running a library? Universities in medieval Europe grew out of Cathedral schools, and Protestant churches in England founded academies. The great commission to go into all the world and teach all nations must be noted: teach all nations. How can we effectively teach those who do not read? The communication of the gospel to illiterates is possible: it involves adult literacy classes! Thomas Carlyle actually said that, "The real university is a collection of books. "

It is very easy for lazy ignorance to hide under a canopy of religious fervor, yet we are told in the book of Proverbs that; "Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good".

The library was moved out of its original home in the last quarter of 2008. New premises have been provided in the old Council chamber in the expanded administrative and church hall complex across the road from the church. The space is larger but we are now far from where the adults are on Sundays when we open from 11a.m. till 3p.m.

We have lost books. The loss of books for children and youths has been massive; the loss of adult books has been painful. This type of experience has led to a ban on the lending of books to students in some Nigerian universities. However such desperate measure is not satisfactory; we must therefore continue to operate systems for monitoring the movement of books and those who borrow them.


Memorial Park and Gardens Committee are:

  1. To acquire books, periodicals, cassettes, CDs and other media suitable for stocking in a Church for the use of library users.
  2. To classify and store the materials in such a way as to enhance reading and borrowing.
  3. To create a conducive environment for reading as much as resources and time permit.
  4. To organize sustainable lending and borrowing of library materials.
  5. To maintain the books and other materials in the library in order to preserve them.
  6. To carry out other related functions as may be directed from time to time bythe Church Council.

Archives do not lend documents: they preserve and protect them you consult the documents on the spot, take notes and leave them there, Responsibility for archives was added to the duties of the Library Committee around 2005 and we reluctantly became the Library and Archives Committee. One of the side rooms adjoining the stage in the Church Hall has been set aside for the archives of the church - it holds old registers, old photographs, minutes of meetings older than five years, reports of committees set up to examine various issues, building plans and documents on real property. At the time of reporting, the work is still in its infancy; the report is therefore brief.

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