In the months following Nigeria's political independence, many Nigerians and expatriates living in Ibadan felt the need for a good school for their children. Many of them living around Jericho Links Reservation, Iyaganku and Bodija

discussed this need in groups and eventually came together to promote formally the idea of a primary school that would be, in the words expressed in the minutes of their meetings, "as good as Corolla School in Lagos and the University of Ibadan Staff School in lbadan ".

A number of them were members of All Saints' Church, Jericho which itself was just about two years old then; but there were members of other churches. For convenience and following the opinion of majority they decided to name the school to be founded "All Saints' Church School", thus handing over their baby to an umbrella body acceptable to all. As required by the educational laws of the time regarding the establishment of voluntary agency schools, the group decided to submit the name of the Anglican Bishop of Ibadan to the Western Region's Ministry of Education as the proprietor of the school.

Thus on 9th October 1961, All Saints' Church School opened with seven (7) pupils in the garage of Mrs.  Doreen Home in Jericho. Her husband was also the first secretary of All Saints' Church Committee.

Not long after opening, the number of pupils increased enough to require renting a building inside the railway compound, where the school remained until April 1966. The school was formally approved by the Ministry of Education in 1964. The first Head Teacher was Mrs.  Okubadejo (a Briton) and the first Chairman, Board of Managers (as it was then called) was Chief Olu Akinkugbe. He remained so till 1989 - a period of over 27 years, during which he was instrumental to securing government land in the exclusive area of Jericho Reservation and directing the building of the blocks of classrooms in the school's permanent site. People like Mr. Godwin Brown and Mrs. R Brain also gave time, skill and money towards the project. During this period the school witnessed phenomenal growth, even though conscious attempts were made to keep the population of pupils low.

The school moved to its present site, designed by Arc. D. Webster of the Design Group and built by T.A. Oni & Sons (whose Chairman was also a parent) in 1966 under a contractor-finance arrangement. Other benefactors of the school at that time included Mr. Z.O. Ososanya.

There are now eight classroom blocks containing 28 classrooms in addition to an Art Room, Music Room, Sick Bay, offices and a Library Block.
Some of the early teachers of the school include:
•    Miss Hall
•    Mrs.  Olowe
•    Mrs.  D. M. Home
•    Mrs.  Jenny Salako
•    Mrs.  Langford
•    Mrs.  Ogunbodede

The school is now legally owned by the Incorporated Trustees of All Saints' Church. The Church Council, acting on behalf of the Proprietors of the school, appoints an 11-Man Board of Governors for the school. Five of these, including the Chairman and Chaplain, are representatives of the Church; two represent the Parents- Teachers Association while three represent the denominations to which the Church subscribes. The Head Teacher is the Secretary to the Board. Each member of the Board representing the Church holds office for a term of three years, renewable for another term of three years; the tenures of the other members are determined by the bodies they represent. As an indication of the stability that the school has enjoyed since inception. it has had only four Chairmen of the Board or Governors (as the governing body is now known) namely:
•    Chief O. I. Akinkugbe (1961 to 1989)
•    Mr. M. A. Adesiyun (1989 to 2002)
•    Olori M. O. Ayoola (2002 to 2008)
•    Mr. O. A. Akinpelu (2008 to date)

It has also had eleven Head Teachers, as follows:
•    Mrs.  Okubadejo (1962 to 1963)
•    Mrs.  Jenny Salako (1963 to 1964)
•    Mrs.  Hewett (1964 to 1965)
•    Mrs.  D. V. Lambo (1965 to 1976)
•    Mrs.  Jones (1976)
•    Mrs.  M. O. Oyawoye (1976 to 1991)
•    Lady M. A. Afolabi (1991 to 1996)
•    Mrs.  T. O. Adelayi (1996 to 2002)
•    Mrs.  E. M. Oladunni (2002 to 2004)
•    Mrs.  F. O. Adekoya (2004 to 2009)
•    Mrs.  J. B. Oguntoyinbo (May 2009 to date)


At inception, the proprietor of the school was the Lord Bishop of Ibadan Anglican Diocese. Under this system, the following were proprietors:
•    Rt. Rev. S. O. Odutola (1961 to 1965)
•    Rt. Rev. T. O. Olufosoye (1965 to 1978)
•    Rt Rev. G I.O. Olajide (1978 to 1998)
•    Rt Rev. J. O. Akinfenwa (1998 to 2003)

In 2003, the Ministry of Education approved the change of proprietorship requested by the Church to the "Incorporated Trustees of All Saints' Church, Jericho". Under this system, the proprietors of the school are:
•    Engr. N. O. Oyelola (2003 to date)
•    Mrs.  Omotayo Morgan (2003 to date)
•    Mr. B. T. Akinwale (2008 to date)
•    Mrs.  Phyllis Adeniyi-Jones (2008 to date)
•    Lady F. O. Akinsipe (June 2009 to date)
•    Chief O. I. Akinkugbe (June 2009 to date)
•    Prof B. O. Onadeko (June 2009 to date)

Chaplains of the school have been:
•    Rev. H. W. Mance (1961 to 1967)
•    Rev. Simonson (1967 to 1972)
•    Rev. H. W. Mance (1972 to 1978)
•    Rev. S. O. Adesina (1978 to 1983)
•    Rev. Canon Lapese Ladipo (1983 to 1993)
•    Rev. E. A. Fagbemi (1993 to 1995)
•    Ven. G. B. Daramola (1995 to March 2009)
•    Very Rev. O.O. Mewoyeka (March 2009 to date)

The staff of the school are well-motivated and put in their best to ensure the steady progress characteristic of the school. The school has a vibrant and supportive Parents/Teachers Association. Over the past few years, the PTA has donated items such as borehole, diesel generator, waiting shelter and bus to the school.

Many old pupils of All Saints' Church School hold key positions in Nigeria today. The pupils of the school have since its inception, always performed very well in academics and co-curricular activities. The pupils have won laurels in Mathematics, French, Science, Essay and Poetry competitions. The school is now fully on the internet and the children are taught how to access globally available information sources for positive purposes. The school has a website with the address www.allsaintschurchschool.com. The site has a blog page where visitors are free to paste comments from wherever in the world they are located.



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