In 1994, the Oyo State Government approved two private secondary schools, one in Ibadan City and the other in Oyo. The leadership of All Saints' Church comprising the Church Council, the Board of Trustees, the Laity and the Vicar, saw this as a challenge.

they rose with one voice to seek and obtain approval for All Saints' College, which opened its gates to students in 1996. So impressive has been the progress of the College that it was able to move to its permanent site in 2008. Built on strong academic, intellectual and moral foundations, the College enjoys deep and widespread confidence among all sections of the Church and the general public. Enabled members of the congregation and groups have sponsored various projects in the school, including the Home Economics Block, the School Hall, the Administrative Building, classrooms, the perimeter fencing of the school, etc., showing the strong spirit of generosity Among members who continue to donate very generously towards the project. Indeed, there are plans to have a Roll of Honor for some of the more generous members.


The approval for the establishment of the College was given to the Church Council on 16 May, 1996 by the Oyo State Government. The College, which is co-educational, was founded on 23 September, 1996 with the aim of educating and bringing up children in a God-fearing way.


The motto of the College is "Learning to Serve the Lord". All Saints' is an ecumenical Church made up of Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian members. Each of the three churches has a representative on the Board of Governors of the College. Mrs. C.A. Ojomo was appointed the first Principal of the College on 1 August 1996, by the Church Council, with Mr. A.A. Babalola as the Acting Chairman (the Chairman, Prof. Tunde Onadeko, was out of the country at that time).The following year, Mr. A. A. Babalola became the substantive Chairman of the Church Council.

The First Entrance Examination into the College took place on Saturday, 3 August 1996 in All Saints' Church School with the assistance of the Head Teacher (Mrs. Adelayi) and her staff. The results of the examination were released within the following week in August 1996 to enable students enroll quickly.

The official opening of the College was performed by Bishop G.I.O Olajide of the Anglican Diocese, assisted by the Ven. G.B. Daramola, Rev. O.O. Mewoyeka and Prof. Canon E. B. Lucas. Present were the Chairman of the Church Council and members of the Board of Governors and all the important dignitaries of the Church. It was the day a dream came true for All Saints' Church, Jericho. lbadan

By the special grace of God, the College took off with an initial population of 63 students (39 boys and 24 girls) in Junior Secondary Class One at No 3 Sobanjo Close, Idi-Ishin, Jericho. Ibadan on 23 September, 1996 with 11 teaching staff and 6 non- teaching staff. With God on our side, the number of the students and staff increased progressively as stated below from September, 1996 to April, 2009

Year             No of Students
1996/97         63 (boys 39, girls 24)
1997/98            104  
1998/99         270
1999/2000        332
2000/2001         394
2001/2002         452
2002/2003         464 (boys 273, girls 191)
2003/2004         475 (boys 246, girls 229)
2004/2005         455 (boys 230, girls 225)
2005/2006         464 (boys 250, girls 214)
2006/2007         459 (boys 249, girls 210)
2007/2008         515 (boys 279, girls 236)
2008/2009         522 (boys 267, girls 255)

Pioneer staff

1.    Mrs.  C. A. Ojomo     Principal
2.    Mrs.  F. O. Faturoti     Mathematics
3.    Mr. K. O. Olugbuyi     Social Studies (appointed 1st Vice Principal in September, 1999)
4.    Miss A. V. Olubude    Christian Religious Studies
5.    Miss A. I. Ojeahere    Fine Arts/Home Economics
6.    Miss A. O. Adelayi     Integrated Science
7.    Mrs.  J. A. Atolagbe    English Language
8.    Miss O. O. Koleoso    French/Yoruba  
9.    Mr. O. A. Ayodeji     Introductory Technology
10.    Mr. David Ibrahim     Hausa/English
11.    Mr. Alabi A. Adebayo      Business Studies  

Out of these, seven were graduates with teaching qualifications and the remaining four were NCE holders.  

Non- Teaching Staff
1.    Mr. Sunday Ofem     Storekeeper/Security
2.    Mr. Samuel Okesile     Gardener
3.    Mrs.  C. M. Okoro     Cleaner
4.    Mrs.  I. E. Osikoya     Cleaner
5.    Mr. John         Night watchman
6.    Mr. Benjamin        Night watchman
An Accounts Clerk (Miss Laide Dada) was appointed before the end of 1996. She left for further studies and was replaced by Mr. A. A. Adesina (Bursar) in November, 1997.

The College now boasts of highly qualified teachers in all subjects. There is no single NCE teacher amongst the teaching staff and nearly all the graduate teachers have additional qualifications like PGDE/M.Ed. The total number of teaching staff has increased from 11 at inception to 45 in 2009, including the Principal. The College also enjoys the support of able administrative staff whose number has increased from six to 39 (inclusive of Security guards).

The First Board of Governors
From the start, we have had a virile and dynamic Board of Governors under the distinguished chairmanship of Chief Olu Akinkugbe (M.O.N., C.O.N). Others include:

1.Ven. . G.B. Daramola            -    Member
2.Mr. A.A. Babalola            -    Chairman (Standing     Committee)
3.Mrs.  Phyllis Adeniyi Jones        -    Treasurer
4.Mrs.  C.F.Oredugba            -    Chairman ( Finance     Committee
5.Mr. M.A. Adesiyun            -    Chairman (General     Purpose Committee)
6.Chief (Mrs.) J.A. Kuyebi (Ang Diocesan) - Education Sec. Gen
7.Rev. M.A. Awe (Methodist Diocesan)     -   Education Sec. Gen.
8.Rev Daniel Imo            -   Presbyterian Designate
9.Chief E.O. Ojo (of blessed memory)     -  Member
10.Dr (Mrs.) O.O. Adewumi        -   Member
11.Prof G.M Babatunde            -   Chairman (Establishment     Committee)
12.Mrs. C.A. Ojomo            -   Principal/Secretary

After their appointments as PTA representatives, the following two members joined the Board
1.Mr. B. T. Akinwale         -Chairman PTA
2.Engr. B. I. Okoro         -Vice Chairman PTA

According to the constitution of the College, a Governor is supposed to hold office for a period of three years. This accounts for the change of membership from time to time. Mr. Biyi Adesanya served on the Board as a representative of the PTA (Chairman, PTA) when Mr. B. T. Akinwale left. As at July, 2003 the following were the members of the Board:
1.Mr. A.A. Babalola        -    Chairman of the board
2.Ven. G.B. Daramola        -    Chairman ( General Purpose Committee)
3.Chief Olufemi Adewumi         -    Treasurer (and Chairman ,Finance Committee)
4.Dr (Mrs. ) Lola Falase     -    Member
5.Engr. F.O. Iyun        -    Chairman, (Building Committee)
6.Prof. G.M. Babatunde        -    Chairman ( Establishment Committee)
7.Mrs.  Phyllis Adeniyi Jones     -    Member
8.Prof A.B.O.O. Oyediran    -    Member
9.Chief (Mrs. ) J.A Kuyebi    -    Ang. Diocesan Edu. Sec. Gen
10Olori M.O. Ayoola        -    Member
11.The Rev R.A. Famose        -    Methodist Diocesan Education Sec. Gen
12.Rev Ofem Okoi        -    Presbyterian Designate
13.Mr. Akin Orewale        -    PTA Chairman
14.Mr. S.A. Adekoya        -    PTA Vice Chairman
15.Mrs.  O.A Akeju        -    Principal/Secretary

The Board operated mainly through committees and this facilitated the smooth running of operations/projects of the College. The Principal was the Secretary to all the committees and the Chairman of each committee was responsible to the Chairman of the Board. Each Chairman liaised with and reported to the Chairman of the Board, the overall leader of the College. The committees and their chairmen as at July, 2003 were:
1. Standing Committee Chairman         - Mr. A.A. Babalola
2. Finance Committee Chairman          - Chief Olufemi Adewumi
3. Establishment Committee Chairman    - Prof G.M. Babatunde
4. General Purpose Committee Chairman    - Ven G.B. Daramola

The establishment of these committees made it necessary to appoint an Administrative Officer to help with the minutes and other administrative functions of the College. Mrs.  O. O. Omowon was thus appointed as the Administrative Officer for the College in June 1998.

It must be mentioned that some members of the first Board of Governors left after serving meritoriously and were sent off on Friday, 12 September, 2003 at a get-together. A new Board of Governors was constituted. The newly constituted Board of Governors also witnessed reconstitution due to the retirement of members after serving their terms. The current Board members are as listed below:

1.Prof. O.L. Oke         -Chairman
2.Ven. G. B. Daramola        -Vicar & Member
3. Chief O. Adewumi    
4. Prof A.B.O.O. Oyediran
5.Mrs.  O.O. Soladoye
6. Mr. A.O. Martins
7. Mrs.  Moji Vaughan
8. Chief (Mrs. ) J.A. Kuyebi
9. Pastor O.A Oluwaniran    -P.T.A Chairman
10.Mrs.  E. Fayiga        -P.T.A Vice Chairman
11.Mr. O.A. Akinpelu
12.Representative of the Methodist Communion
13.Representative of the Presbyterian Communion
14.Mrs.  O.A Akeju    -Principal/Secretary, who Replaced Mrs.  C.A Ojomo as the Principal in September, 2003

Statutorily, the Board should meet once in a term, but in the first two years there were more meetings to set the College on a sound footing.

This was prepared by the Board of governors and then put into operation.

1.English Language            
2. Mathematics                
3. Social Studies            
4. Integrated Science    
5. French
6. Yoruba
7. Introductory Technology
8. Agricultural Science
10.Fine Arts
11.Home Economics
12.Christian Religious Studies
13.Physical /Health Education
16.Business Studies
17.Computer Studies
18.Moral Instruction (one period weekly)

The College operates a ten-period daily time table so that sufficient time could be allocated to all subjects.

The Oyo State Ministry of Education inspected the College on 7 November, 1996 in preparation for approval for the conduct of Junior School Certificate Examinations (JSCE). Similarly, on 27 November, 1997 a team of inspectors from the National Examination Council (NECO) visited the College and inspected it for suitability to conduct NECO examinations. Approval for the conduct of the Junior School Certificate Examinations (JSCE) was subsequently granted to the College to offer the following subjects at JSS 3 level, by both the State and Federal examination bodies:

1.    English Language
2.    Mathematics
3.    Social Studies
4.    Integrated Science
5.    Fine Arts
6.    Home Economics
7.    Christian Religious Studies
8.    Physical Health Education
9.    Music
10.    French
11.    Yoruba
12.    Introductory Technology
13.    Agricultural Science
14.    Hausa
15.    Business Studies
16.    Computer Studies

Similarly, at the Senior School level, the following subjects were approved by WAEC for Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE)
1.    English Language
2.    Mathematics
3.    Further Mathematics
4.    Physics
5.    Chemistry
6.    Biology
7.    Agricultural Science
8.    Physical/Health Education
9.    Literature in English
10.    History
11.    Geography
12.    Financial Accounting
13.    Typewriting
14.    Technical Drawing
15.    Foods and Nutrition
16.    Government
17.    Economics
18.    Computer Science
19.    Commerce
20.    French
21.    Fine Art
22.    Yoruba

We are very mindful of our responsibilities and the fact that our students must succeed through the concerted efforts of all concerned: the College, the students, and the parents. Where necessary, the College and the PTA pay consultants to upgrade the knowledge of students. We make sure that all areas are well addressed and God continues to crown our efforts with success.

The Continuous Assessment system is operated as in the National Programme. There are three tests each term.

To enable teachers and parents monitor the progress of students closely, regular tests and examinations are conducted and two reports are sent to parents each term. The Stint Report is the total result of the two tests conducted during the first half of each term. Each student takes home a Stint Report every mid-term. End-of- Term Examinations.

The cummulative result of the two tests and the end-of-term examination form the end-of-term's report.

The End-of- Year Examination
This is the average of three terms' reports for the year.

The College uses the WAEC and NECO syllabi

There are open days (once in a term) for parents to come into the College, inspect the work of their wards and discuss any issue concerning their wards with either the Teachers, or with the Consultant Guidance Counsellor (Rev. V. O. Adedipe) who comes in at intervals to give talks, free of charge, to students and when necessary to both students and parents on such topics as Study Habits, Choice of Subjects, Career Guidance and other behavioral habits that would put the students on the right path. These steps help to build the confidence that parent have in the educational system of the College. This improved in 2003 to one-on-one talks with parents, intense guidance and counseling and tutorial groups. This has also produced positive results.

During the first term of the JSS 3 and SS3, some weeks are set apart to invite parents to discuss the weaknesses and strengths of each child in the presence of the child concerned. We discuss and agree as to how we should work together to improve the weak, and encourage the strong areas in the academic life of the student The career of the student is also discussed during this meeting because SS3 students would be preparing for JAMB examinations during the year. The Vice-Principal, the Guidance Counsellor, and the Administrative Officer are usually present at such discussions.

At first, after the chat, our Consultant Guidance Counsellor (Rev. (Prof.) V. O. Adedipe) administers the Career Guidance Aptitude Test. Each student then sees the Vice-Principal and the Guidance Counsellor for further discussion and follow-up on the results of the Aptitude Test These steps help our students immensely in their choice of career and they fit well into their courses at the university.

In place of the external Guidance Counsellor, the College now makes use of its own Guidance Counsellor and other senior members of staff.

Our founding fathers emphasized that the number of students per class must be low. We have therefore constantly made sure that our classes are not crowded: not more than 30 students in a class. The teacher is able to know each student by name, which makes supervision easy and thorough.

We keep a Teacher/Student Class Attendance Register. This enables us to see, at any given moment or at the end of the day, the teacher or student who did not attend class, the topic taught, the teacher who came late, and the teacher who came but did not teach.

Students are divided into tutorial groups (about 12 in each group) Each group is taken care of by one teacher. The teacher inspects the work of the students in their assignment books, and gives advice and help where necessary. This is done on Thursday afternoons on alternate weeks.

In the early days of the College, the Rev. (Prof.) V. O. Adedipe gave lectures to teachers. Later on, teachers started to attend workshops, seminars and short courses in areas such as Computer Education. to upgrade their skills, personal knowledge, attitude to work, improved Teacher/Student relationships, etc. within and outside the College.

Science Laboratories

The College has four well-equipped laboratories for Biology Chemistry, Physics and Agricultural/Integrated Science respectively, including four preparatory rooms for WAEC and NECO Examining Bodies. Home Economics Workshop The Home Economics workshop is also well-equipped and approved by both WAEC and NECO Examining Bodies. Computer and Computer Room The College has a well-equipped computer room for practical training for students.

There is a well-equipped typing pool for training in typewriting.

The College was gradually building up the library with books purchased by the College, the PTA and donation from private individuals but we were restricted by inadequate space. However we are now happy that a modern library is under construction, donated by the Oyediran/Morgan families who are members of All Saints' Church.

Inspection by Oyo State Ministry of Education

Oyo State Ministry of Education conducted a full inspection of the College on 22 July, 2000 for recognition to conduct SSCE. After this inspection, the Oyo State Ministry of Education gave approval to the College to conduct the Senior School Certificate Examinations.

On 11 July, 2001 the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) conducted a recognition inspection for the conduct of the Senior School Certificate Examination. The Council subsequently gave the College approval to conduct the Senior School Certificate Examinations.

On 21 March, 2002 the National Examination Council (NECO) also conducted her own recognition inspection for conduct of her version of the Senior School Certificate Examinations. Approval was subsequently given to the College for the conduct of the Senior Certificate School Examinations.

The first set of students was presented for NECO, May/June and Oyo State Junior School Certificate Examinations in June/July 1999. The results of the two examinations were excellent with 100% success and subsequent results have been equally excellent (all 100%). The results of the JSS 3 and SS 3 external examinations have continued to be so good that some parents have been withdrawing their children from Federal Government Colleges and bringing them to All Saints' College.

Academic Year     Candidates Registered           Result
2001/2002        54 candidates           100% pass
2002/2003        57 candidates             100% pass
2003/2004       69 candidates           100% pass
2004/2005        51 candidates           100% pass
2005/2006        61 candidates           100% pass
2006/2007        56 candidates            100% pass
2007/2008        65 candidates            100% pass
2008/2009        74 candidates            100% pass

It is heartwarming that students' performance in external examinations has continued to improve. Worthy of note is the performance of the 6th graduating set, one of whom was Miss Olubusola Majekodunmi, who emerged the best WAEC candidate in Nigeria and in the West African sub-region for the year 2006. She obtained A 1 in all her nine subjects and recorded the highest aggregate raw scores of 655.48. She is now an undergraduate of the University of Birmingham. U.K. studying Economics. As a result of her performance she was given a scholarship by the Oyo State Government who was very impressed. That scholarship covered everything she would ever need for the first session with a promise of continued sponsorship of the same nature, subject to her continued good performance.

At the end of every academic year, the College holds its Speech and Prize-Giving Day Ceremony. The donors are listed below:

(i)Chief Folake Solankes (SAN) Donation
Chief Folake Solanke (SAN) published and launched a book titled The Trials of Our Lord Jesus Christ and St. Paul. She donated the proceeds to the College to be fixed in perpetuity, and the accruing interest made available for the Speech and Prize-Giving Day Ceremonies. The amount has been fixed with a first generation bank as desired by the donor. Other donors are:
(ii) Prof. G. M. Babatunde
(iii) Prof. Tunde Onadeko
(iv) Chief & Chief (Mrs.) Sofenwa
(v) Chief Abayomi Akinmosa

The College has always had a very virile PTA which has contributed immensely to the growth of the College. The first PTA meeting took place on 4 April, 1997 at 4.00 p.m in the Church Hall. The following constitute the first PTA Executive:
1. B. T. Akinwale         Chairman
2.Engr. B. I. Ok oro         Vice Chairman
3.Dr (Chief) R. O. Oduwole     Member
4.Mrs.  A. O. Ogunkelu         Member
5.Mrs.  O. M. Okeyinka         Member
6.Mrs.  C. A. Ojomo         Principal

The first College bus was donated by the PTA; it was a 22-seater Mercedes Benz bus costing N500,000.00. This was in January 1999 while Mr. B. T. Akinwale was Chairman. At one of the PTA general meetings in the 2000/2001 session, under the chairmanship of Mr. Biyi Adesanya, it was unanimously agreed that Nl0,000.00 levy be paid per family to help College projects. This has been in operation since that time. As with the Board of Governors, the PTA membership has continued to change from time to time. The following are the members of the current PTA Executive.
1.    Pastor O. A. Oluwaniran -      Chairman
2.    Mrs.  F. E. Fayiga     -    Vice Chairman
3.    Revd. A. A. Adesina     -    Treasurer
4.    Mr. Agboola         -    Member
5.    Mrs.  I. F. Ifebogun     -    Ex-Officio
6.    Mrs.  F. O. Akinbile     -    Ex-Officio
7.    Mr. I. O. Oluwadare     -    Ex-Officio
8.    Mr. O. F. Ajayi     -     Secretary
9.    Mrs.  O. A. Akeju     -     Principal

The PTA donated a four-classroom block to the College; this building was the second to take off on the permanent site. The PTA has also donated a Workshop Building which is currently at foundation level. Other contributions of the PTA to the College include:
•    Library books
•    Motivational cash rewards for the staff.
•   An elaborate send-off organized in conjunction with the staff and students of the College for the pioneer Principal. Mrs.  C. A. Ojomo. in July 2003. The PTA has always played this commendable role whenever any member of staff leaves the College. Recently the PTA played a unique role in the send-off of the immediate past Vicar the Ven. G. B. Daramola.

Until February, 2008 when the College moved to its permanent site, the College rented buildings for lectures and student accommodation. Students are still living in buildings rented by the College

Land Matters

After Mrs.  C. A. Ojomo's preliminary discussion with Chief Asani Lasokan (the Head of Lasokan Village), he introduced her to the "Mogaji" of Edun Village, Chef Alimi, with a view to acquiring land for the permanent site of the College. Further discussion and negotiations between members of the Board and the "Mogaji" followed. On 3 March 1997. a 20 acre piece of land was purchased at the rate of N45,000.00 per acre

The Plan of the College Layout
The plan of the College layout and all architectural drawings were prepared by ab.dt Partnership, free of charge. Other contributions by Arc. Tunji Bolu of ab.dt are stated elsewhere in this report. The structural engineering works of the buildings already constructed and those under construction up till July 2003, were prepared by Engr. F. Iyun of Lidi Consult, free of charge.

Development of the College Permanent Site
During the 40th Anniversary of All Saints' Church, in 1999, Church organized a fund raising programme towards the building of the College on the permanent site. During the fund raising ceremony, All Saints' Church Primary School donated one million naira. The total amount realized was Nl,786,500 (One million seven hundred and eighty six thousand, five hundred naira).

Turning of the Sod
The turning of the sod for the foundation of the first block of 4classrooms was performed on 2 November, 1999 immediately after the fund raising by the Very Rev. M. A. A. Osunade, the then Provost of St. James' Cathedral, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, (now AnglicanBishop of Ogbomoso Diocese) representing the Bishop of Ibadan Diocese.

The infrastructural facilities at the permanent site have continued to be a source of attraction to parents and visitors to the College. This has brought about a marked increase in student population contrary to the apprehension expressed by some people based on the distance of the College from the lbadan city centre. This has also engendered rapid development around the location of the site. The student population presently stands at 522.

(i) Thefirst building Oil site was a four-classroom block donated by All Saints' Church School in July, 2003.
(ii) Two blocks of six classrooms built by the College
(iii) Home Economics Laboratory donated by the Women's Group of All Saints' Church under the able leadership of Mrs.  Olu Oaramola, the wife of the immediate past Vicar.
(iv) The Science Laboratory Complex. The buildings consist of:
•Biology Laboratory
•Chemistry Laboratory
•Physics Laboratory
•Agricultural/Integrated Science Laboratory

The complex was jointly financed by the Church (through the Church Council) and the College. The Project is still on- going as it has not yet been handed over by the contractor.

(v) Assembly Hall: This building was donated solely by the pioneer Chairman of the Board of Governors of the College - Chief Olu Akinkugbe - who is also a member of the Church.
(vi) The Administrative Block: The latest addition to the structures of the College is the Administrative Block which was also solely donated by another member of the Church- Mr. Oba Otudeko through Oba Otudeko Foundation.

(i) The Library, donated by the Oyediran/Morgan families who are also members of All Saints' Church, is still at the DPC level.
(ii) The Introductory Technology Workshop donated by the P.T.A. of the College is at the foundation level.
(iii) The Sick Bay, donated by Architect and Mrs. Tunji Bolu, who are members of the Church, is still at the preliminary stage. Architect Tunji Bolu is the leader of the team of Consultants in charge of the construction at the permanent site. It is pertinent to mention here that all drawings and supervision by his company, ab.dt Partnership, from inception till now have been done at no cost to the College. Every kobo due for all the work done was donated as the Company's contribution to the progress of the College and its permanent site.
(iv) Fencing: The perimeter fence is more than half-way done. The project is being financed by funds donated by members of All Saints' Church.
(v) Sports Complex: The College has cleared the area meant for the Sports Complex in preparation for its development by grading, leveling and grassing.

College Houses

There are four houses in the College namely, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Each teacher is allocated to one of the various houses. Inter-House Sports' Competition The College has always organized an annual Inter-House Sports' Competition in the College. The last one took place at the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan in November, 2007


Founder's Day Ceremony
The Founder's Day is celebrated on the 23rd September, every year. Ven. G. B. Daramola, when he was Vicar used to come in yearly to pray with us. Refreshments are served to the Staff and Students to commemorate the day.

Christmas carol service
This is celebrated at the end of every calendar year in the Church Hall. The College organizes a yearly Bible Quiz and Pa Abayomi Akinmosa donates regularly to the winners.

The Valedictory Ceremony
This is an epoch-making event at which we send off our senior secondary year three (SS 3) students to mark the end of their secondary school career. Parents of the out-going students are invited to celebrate the joyful occasion with the College. The students are dressed in black suits, with purple sashes bearing the names of the individual student, together with the profession he/she intends to pursue in life.

The following distinguished and eminent personalities delivered Valedictory Lectures from July 2002 to July 2008:
First Valedictory Lecture (July, 2002)    - Olusegun Oke (1st Vice Chancellor of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso)
Second Valedictory Lecture - (July, 2003)     - Prof. A.B.O.O. Oyediran (formar Vice Chancellor of theUniversity of Ibadan)
Third Valedictory Lecture (July, 2004)     - Dr. T. R. Akeju (Medical Practitioner and Spouse of the Principal)
Fourth Valedictory Lecture (July, 2005)    -Mrs.  Omotayo Morgan (a Trustee of the All Saints'Church, Jericho, Ibadan)  
Fifth Valedictory Lecture (July, 2006)     - Prof. F. A. Adesanoye     (past Warden of All Saints’ Church. Jericho, Ibadan)
Sixth Valedictory Lecture (July, 2007)    - Prof. (Mrs. ) O. Oloruntimehin (former Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo Univerity, lie-Ife)
Seventh Valedictory Lecture - (July, 2008)    - Prof. Ayodele Falase (former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan)
This is an occasion eagerly anticipated by all parents and students at the end of their stay in All Saints' College.

Clubs                                       Teachers in Charge
1.Zonta International             Miss Mercy Nga
2.The Red Cross                   Mrs.  D. O. Falope
3.Scouts (Boys and Girls)    Mr. S. Erayanmen and Mr. A. A. Adebayo
4.Press Club                          Mr. O. F. Ajayi and Mrs.  E. p. Oghoba            
5.Young Writers' Club           Mr. O. F. Ajayi and Mrs.  P.I. Bamidele
6.Debating Society                Mr. M. O. Ogundimu, Miss A. 0 Akinremi and all the English Teachers
7. Reader Club                      Mrs. O. A. Akeju and Mr. O. M. Kehinde

•    Co-curricular activities are held during the last two periods on Thursdays.
•    Students’ Fellowship Meeting, This takes place during the last two periods on Fridays
•    Staff Fellowship Meetings: This is held on Wednesday during break time.
•    Tutorial Groups: Students are divided into tutorial groups. There are 12 students in each group, under the supervision of a teacher. The tutorials hold on alternate Thursday afternoons.

Every year we make arrangement with the Minister-in-Charge of All Saints' Church to dedicate our new students on All Saints' Day.

The anthem for the College was composed in June, 2003. The melody was supplied by Prof. Ayodele Falase while the text and harmony were composed by Mr. Christopher Ayodele. It was first sung by the College on 27 June, 2003 at assembly.

A Committee headed by the Vice-Principal is in charge of the selection of prefects.

The following have been Head Prefects from 1999 to date

1999                Anna Adediran             1st Head Girl

2001                Omolayo Terebo            1st Head Boy
2001                Omolayo Solaja                2nd Head Girl
2002                Dapo Igbalajobi               2nd Head Boy
2002                Adesanya Bowale            3rd Head Girl
2003                Oluwasijiborni Sowonola     3rd Head Boy
2003                Seun Olabode              4th Head Boy
2004                Okpunwa Imaseun         4th Head Girl
2004                Adeyemo Adeyemi         5th Head Boy
2005                Seun Akintola             5th Head Girl
2005                Ekene Okoye             6th Head Boy
2006                Busola Majekodunmi         6th Head Girl
2006                Kehinde Ifedayo         7th Head Boy
2007                Bolatito Ayo-Lawal         7th Head Girl
2007                Kosoko Adeife             8th Head Boy
2008                Tochukwu Okoye             8th Head Girl
2009                Tosin Oyelami             9th Head Girl
2009                Robert Olikpe             9th Head Boy
2010                Adedayo Ifeoluwa            10th Head Boy
2010                Odebode Adebola            10th Head Girl

A booklet of rules and regulations for students was published in 2003.


This venture is solely owned by staff members of the College. Membership is voluntary and officers are appointed by members. They have their operative rules and regulations. Many members of staff have benefited financially from the activities of the association.

The Church, in its wisdom, set up a Committee in 2004 to move the College to its permanent site. This Committee was headed by Mr. A. A. Babalola, who was then also the Chairman, Board of governors. Other members of the Committee are:

1.    The Ven. G. B. Daramola     -The Minister of the church
2.    Chief O. Adewumi
3.    Prof A. B. O. O. Oyediran
4.    Mr. A. O. Martins
5.    Grp. Capt. T. Oyerinde
6.    Mrs.  F. F. Ilofuan
7.    Dr N. J. Usoroh         -Then Chairman, Church Council (succeeded by
    Prof. E. A. Lufadeju        -Current Chairman, Church council
8.    Mr. M. O. Kehinde             
9.    Engr. R.Morgan
10.    Engr. J. A. Morakinyo         
11.    Arc. Tunji Bolu         -ab.dt & Partners (consultant, Architects)
12.     Mr. Boye Oni             -Quantec Consultant (Quantity Surveyors)
13.    Olori M. O. Ayoola         -and succeeded by Mr. O.A. Akinpelu
14.    Chief L. O. Odusanya         -Consultant, Olajide Odusanya (Quantity Surveyors)
15.    Engr. F. Iyun             -and later
    Engr. T.A. Aladeojebi        -Consultant, Lidi Consult, (Engineers)
16.    Mr. O.A. Abiose
17.    Mrs.  O.A. Akeju         -Principal
18.    Mr. G.A. Ibikunle        -Clerk of Works
19.    Mrs.  O.O. Omowon        -Secretary

This Committee worked assiduously to ensure that the College has the required buildings and infrastructural facilities to make movement to the site possible. Members supervised and ensured the procurement of all the necessary infrastructural amenities aforementioned. College finally moved to the permanent site on 22 February, 2008

(i) Three Boreholes
(a) One borehole donated by an anonymous donor;
(b) One borehole donated by the British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) Foundation, at the instance of Chief Olu Akinkugbe, who is the Chairman of the organization.
(c) One borehole financed by the College itself through WATSAN

(ii) Additional Bus
In the 2002/2003 academic year it became necessary to have a bigger bus for the College as the student population had increased. A bigger bus was acquired by the College at a cost of N2.3million.

The College acquired the underlisted assets soon after moving to the permanent site:
(i) Three brand new Toyota Coaster buses.
Two of the buses were financed by the Equitorial Trust Bank just a few days before movement to the site in February, 2008 while the third was financed by WEMA Bank PIc soon after, in March, 2008
(ii) A brand new 20 KVA generator.
This was bought in March, 2008. It is presently the only source of power supply for the College. The College is yet to acquire its own transformer and be connected to the public grid.

The history of the College will not be complete without the mention of some illustrious members of the Church who, at one time or the other, served the College meritoriously on the Board of Governors, and are now deceased.

1. Chief E. O. Ojo
He served on the pioneer Board of Governors

2. Mr. Ademola Augustus Babalola
Mr. Babalola made immense contributions as Second Chairman of the Board of Governors of the College and Chairman of the Task Force for the construction of buildings on the permanent site of All Saints' College. He died in active service while still holding both positions.

3. Mr. M.A. Adesiyun
He was a member of the pioneer Board of Governors and a member of the Establishment Committee of the Board. He also rendered free legal services to the College on all occasions he was called upon.
May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. (Amen).
Ebenezer - Hitherto the Lord has helped us!






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