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Saturday, 05 September 2015 17:30

The Evangelical Committee is an off-shoot of the Evangelical and Outreach Sub-Committee of the then "Church Committee" now "Church Council". Then, the Outreach Group was in charge of hospital and prison visiting, while Evangelical Group attended to spiritual matters as well as the social welfare of the congregation. The Welfare Sub-Committee was later created to look after the well-being and needs of the congregation as well as charity to non-members. As the scope and vision of evangelism widened, the group was excised from the former Committee and upgraded to a full-fledged Committee. Its scope covers:

1. Prayers - corporate/chain prayers/pre-lecture/pre-revival etc.
2. Bible study/testifying to encourage others.
3. General revival.
4. Care for the elderly i.e. the senior citizens.
5. Care for widows and widowers and visiting them at home.
6. Encouraging both new and old couples.
7. Honoring mothers and fathers.
8. Members' fellowshipping together - spiritually and socially.
9. Organizing health and business talks.
10. Organizing evangelical outreaches to rural areas e.g Okolo, Gbekuba and Edun villages; as well as Ekotedo (where women of "easy virtue" were counseled and empowered).
11. Producing tracts from time to time and distributing them within and outside the church.
12. Exhorting All Saints' Church/College Staff on the importance of prayer line for one another at work as well as Bible Study with others in the Church and outside the church.
13. Raising and administering Funds for the poor and needy in our midst, and outside the church.

In the past there was the need to increase the participation of the elderly and the youths in the work of evangelism. To the glory of God, the committee has achieved a balance in the input of the Youth Fellowship to every programme organized by the Evangelical Committee as well as the active participation of the elderly. Many of our members also participate in the BSF programme.

Members of the Evangelical Committee counsel married members who are still "young and inexperienced" as well as the "old and careless" in order to assist them to uphold their marital vows. They also provide legal guidance and simple everyday solutions to the numerous problems facing widows and widowers.

The committee organizes counseling sessions as well as seminars to encourage the singles in their late twenties who are faced with the challenges of settling down, especially owing to lack of jobs after graduation, delay in the right choice of spouses or in consummating their marriages.

In addition to the Church School and the College as mile posts of evangelism, the Committee hopes to expand the coast of its activities through medical facilities. It also hopes to initiate the idea of a "Testimony book" through which the testimonies of members will be published and circulated from time to time to serve as encouragement to others.

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