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Saturday, 05 September 2015 17:48

Our vision For the Church is of worshippers who are encouraged to walk daily with Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, and of a congregation involved in the Great Commission through Bible-based means. The vision is also to make every worshipper love and obey God's statutes and commands as well as persevere in faith and God's holiness, as we continue to proclaim the Word of God as written in the Bible. In the next 50 years, our vision is of a Church further characterized by ecumenical solidarity, high spiritual orientation and mutual Christian love among members.

All Saints' Church will continue to serve as a beacon of true worship and service in the Lord's vineyard.

We foresee a phenomenal growth of our Church, both spiritually and physically: a Cathedral-like structure that will seat more than 1,000 worshipers, displaying a bounteous outpouring of God's abundant blessing.

In the years to come, our Church should be in the fore-front of projecting the oneness of the flock of Christ based on this injunction: "that they may be one", In order to emphasize this, there is the need to amplify evangelism and encourage mission work within the immediate environment and further afield because God has blessed our Church so unstintingly.

While the Church intensifies her evangelical activities to win more souls for Christ, emphasis should be focused not only on non-members of the Church but also registered members. The annual Church revival crusade should be for members' spiritual growth as for non-members'. Strategies should be devised to enhance membership drive so as to increase the numerical strength of the Church. Youths should be encouraged to play more active part in Church activities as they are the ones to keep the Church alive in future years.

We have a vision of a Church with a vibrant congregation rather than a lukewarm assembly.


The main Sanctuary should be expanded to meet the needs of Church members as the Church is expected to grow in membership.

We should make every effort to build an excellent multipurpose hall to replace the modest one in place now for the use of the Church for its various activities.

In future, consideration should be given to providing a well-appointed bungalow for the Assistant Minister.

In conclusion, All Saints' Church in the next 50 years should replicate itself by sponsoring the growth of other inter- denominational congregations, in the bid to foster the great spiritual desideratum: One church, one Faith, one Lord.

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